Monday, 19 December 2011

Big Liar.


Big Liar. 

Orang yg nak diet - "I'll start diet tomorrow".
Orang yang nak work utk achieve target - "I'll work and focus next time"
Orang yg nak jadi SV - "I'll doing it next month".

Orang yg nak jadi World Team, Get Team, Mill Team or even Pres Team --> "I'll doing it in the next day, next month, next year.." 

Why you postpone everything? Why tomorrow? 
Why not today? WHY? 

No need others to tell you the reason. YOU know the reason. It's because YOUR WHY is NOT STRONG! your DREAMS is NOT BIG! 

and if you have your WHY, but still dont have any progress? Why? it's because in the middle of this journey, you LOST YOUR WHY..  

and you GIVE UP your dreams.. 

yes. you lost it. you lost your dreams. 

Remember this.
"Nobody can help you to achieve you dreams, if you, yourself dont have the courage to let go of your comfort zone.
 Get out from where you were right now. 
You need to go through, what successful people already go through. PAIN. HURTFUL. DISCOURAGED. TIRED. and ALL!!

 I'm going to move forward, together with those who have CLEAR DREAMs and WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE. *O Allah give us strength, and ease our journey*

How bout you? Are you one of this people? 

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