Friday, 15 April 2011

Perjalanan mengenali Allah..

My childhood is bit different from others.. I don't like to play with my peers. I'm not that close with my siblings, since they're all boys. Also, our interest is different. They seriously like to watch cartoons and drawing. but, I don't like to watch cartoons at all. I'll fall asleep when I watch cartoons. Imagine, 6-7 years old kid keep yawning and fall asleep after 10 minutes watching cartoons. 

So, I end up playing around by myself rather than playing with them. Budak lelaki kalau main, kasar.. =.=' Ohho, I love to watch TV and listens to the songs. sad songs. TV is my best best friend. Radio @ mp3 is like my boyfriend.. ^^ Whoever know me, will know that. I'm crazy over songs..! 6 earphones broke in just 1 semester. +_+

Others, express their feelings with crying loudly, tell story to their parents, sharing their thought with their friends and siblings. but, for me, I don't know how to express my feelings. So, I started to express my feelings through writing. Once, I write to my mom a letter. Letter of rebellion when I was in primary school. Cool ha..

Don't know where I should start first. but, what I can say is that, I loved going to school more than staying at home. Not because I have lots of friends there, but because of the teachers. Teachers are very tender, kind, take good care of me, have faith in me, listen to each of my word and respect my opinion.. 

 When I was young, I learn that this world is full with hatred, oppression. I used to hate this world. Why such a young kid would have a thought like this? 
Everything has a reason. and that reasons cannot be describe in words. 

*A crisis in family*

Understand a bit what I wanna say? You don't? 
Oh, I cannot elaborate everything. (@_@) 
Only those people who go through this kind of situation will understand. 

But, whatever had happen, I still feel grateful. Thank You Allah. 

Aku mengenali Allah dengan lebih dalam sewaktu bersekolah di SEMASHUR. Dan perjalananku sebagai seorang Islam yang lebih sempurna bermula di sini. 


Perform my 1st Tarawikh prayer.
Understand that I need to perform prayer 5 days in a day, istiqamah..
Learn how to recite tasbih kifarah.
Pertama kali solat berjemaah..
and what is more important,
Realize how much love and care that Allah give to us.. T.T

Yes, seriously.. My thought about world, change bit by bit.. This world is not that ugly, like what I was imagined.

At first, I thought that Allah hates me, that's why He gave me go through this kind of situation.. but, later on, I realize that, Allah loves me.. that's why He plan things to happen like this. 

If He don't put me in this kind of situation, I'll be just like other people.

Couple before marriage.
Watching movies at the cinema.
Hanging out at night with no purpose.
Wearing tight and exposed clothes.
Don’t know how to be grateful, although it just small good things happen.
Don’t know how to appreciate those who are kind to you.

Don't be sad when God test you and give you such hard time. Actually its for your benefit. He loves you... more than other people in this world.. 

Have faith in HIM.. 
and just LOVE HIM... 

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