Monday, 13 February 2012

Life is going to be tough.


Jam menunjukkan 3:08am. 14 Feb 2012.

Tadi ada focus group. World Team member and above shj yg boleh attend. It make me realize, this year is gonna  be tough year for me and all the people who have the same goal like me.. ---> CHANGE PIN

SubhanaAllah. May Allah bless all of us especially my team. 

Setuju dengan ayat Uncle Allen, 
"If we decide to change our pin, Allah will test us with something harder. So, if we're facing very difficult moment, it's because, success is near to us!"

Final year student. Tesis + Project Design + Lab + Classes + Assignmentsss

Moga semua kerja dan usaha kita diberkati. 

Ya Allah, janganlah Engkau tinggalkan kami walaupun seketika. 
We need Allah in our life.. because we're nothing without HIM. 

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