Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kenapa Event?? - All successful people born from event.


HOM, HOM, HOM.. STS, STS, STS.. Spectacular, Spectacular, Spectacular...!

Event, event, event.. OMG. -.-"

Kita ke sini, dengar orang cakap ttg event. Kita ke sana, dengar orang cakap ttg event. Why all Herbalife people talk about EVENT, all the time??    *#@*&>$%^*#

Pernah tak korang terdetik dalam hati mcm ni?
Pernah? *sy pun pernah, waktu awal2 dulu* 
Tak pernah? *ok, korang memang Terbaeeekk.*

Orang2 yang baru mesti terfikir,
"Aku nak buat HL. Aku serius la. tapi ada kaitan dengan event ke? Nape nak kena g event pulak?"

ok, jom tengok, nape semua orang sibuk2 highlightkan word EVENT especially Spectacular?

Herbalife is not just about selling product. Ingat betul2 dalam hati, HL is NOT JUST ABOUT SELLING PRODUCT.

Event adalah jantung Herbalife Distributor. All SUCCESSFUL people born from event. Cuba tengok Mill Team member yg muda2 macam Amalina Peter dan abang Rudi. Pernah tengok diaorang ponteng EVENT? Sy berani kerat jari, diaorang tak pernah pilih2 event untuk datang.

I dare to say, without EVENT, I wont stay in Herbalife until today.
without Event, we wont achieve what we had achieved today!

Dalam event, kita akan bina keyakinan kita terhadap company. terhadap produk. dan paling penting keyakinan terhadap DIRI kita sendiri. Pak Yang ( Captain Saiful) selalu cakap, "Work on urself more, than anything else."

"To be SUCCESSFUL you need to have a GREAT ATTITUDE first and then the MONEY comes. you have to have FAITH first and then the money COMES" - Mark Hughes

Tak payah kita nak sedih2 bila downline kita, adlh orang yg tak serius. Tak perlu nak sedih2, bila downline kita tak work hard. Jangan marah2 bila downline kita, tak ikut apa yg kita cakap. Jangan sibuk2 dgn perubahan orang lain. You yg perlu baiki diri sendiri. Bila you work on urself more. Your people will see, and naturally, they'll follow you from back. Believe me, your action is more powerful than your word. People will do what you do, not what you say.

Ok, which one is you?

I'll follow what Successful people had done. They said, I need to go to Spectacular and ALL EVENT. 
I just follow. No question asked. 

But, you? Which path you want to choose?? YOU DECIDE. 
To those who already bought Spectacular tickets, you're amazing! See you at the top. Dont forget to bring more people that you love to Spectacular this week! 

To those who want to start buy Spectacular tickets, buy it today! 
Hari ni last day tiket berharga rm330. Call / msg me. 0193727805.

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