Thursday, 31 March 2011

Want to be success, but full with excuses..

Manusia ni memang banyak kerenah, sikap dan sifat.. Penat nak melayan kerenah sorang2..

Mula dari semalam lagi sebenarnya.  Ada aje yg tak kena.. Janji pukul sekian sekian, tp yg jadinya wkt lain pula. Janji nak buat itu ini, tp, akhirnya delay, dan delay sehinggalah ke hari deadline. Memang ramai yang sukar untuk tepati janji yg mereka telah buat.

That's why I hate people who broke their promise without good and logical reasons

I can tolerated with the whole world, but I can't hold my anger with people who always broke their promises, and can't stand people who give so many excuses, but they wanna succeed. 

Success is not an accident. You need to be consistent. Don't give up. Don't Stop. And don't give excuses.

" Terdapat beribu-ribu penyebab kegagalan, tiada satu pun layak menjadi alasan  yang terbaik." 
-Mark Twain-

To those who want to success but full with excuses, then, you should read this book.. 
seriously, you'll learn things that you need to know and practices.

About me, going to Shanghai, it's not a big deal actually. Ramai dah orang yang merantau ke berpuluh-puluh buah negara. But, what I wanna emphasized here, everybody around me told me, that going abroad for the internship is an absurd choice. It's dangerous. It's expensive. It's far. It's troublesome about the process. bla..bla.. bla.. 

So, when I'm going to achieve one of my dreams? if I listen to them, I'll going no where. I'll just stay in the same place, same position.

If you are born poor its not your fault. But if you die poor its your fault. -Bill Gates-

I'm not coming from wealthy family. Back then, when I was younger, my mom send me to school by bicycle. On the rainy day, she fetch me. Her clothes were torn. but she doesn't care. All in her mind, is her children. 

22 years already passed.. I've grown up. Now, it is the time.. I want to take good care of my family especially my mom. So, I really need to success! I wanna say to my mom, " Mom, from now on, just depend on me. I'll take care of everything. "

I can wait to success, but, does my mom can wait for me? Umur mak bertambah dari hari ke hari. So, I need to move fast..!

I believe in ALLAH,
I believe in destiny,
I believe in myself,
I believe HERBALIFE..

I believe that, we can make a change. 

But, if you want things to change, you have to change.

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