Friday, 25 March 2011

Dreams.. and reality..

Life is interesting...

Since I was small, I was a girl that is full with dreams and hopes.. 

Dream to have a happy family.. to have a sister (since all my siblings is boy).. =.=' 

to revive the glory of Islam.. AMIN..
to free Palestine from all heartless and cruel people.. AMIN..
to have excellent job (bcoz good job, means going to hv good incomes).. going abroad since I love travelling.. bla, bla, bla.. 
So, I'm growing up and become older from year to year. Sedar tak sedar, I'm changing from a little girl to more matured girl.. And my dreams of course, sentiasa ada dan bertambah2.. 

and sometimes, I feel like, all my  dream was just only a dream... and feel like, it's impossible for me to achieve it..  

yes, this is the reality.. and this is world is all about..  not Everything that we dream, will come true. You need to struggle.. face all the hardship.. stand up again, if you're falling down.. 

the key to success is ATTITUDE.. you need to think positively... 
think positive, and act positively... InsyaAllah, everything will go as what you wish... 

" Success is not an accident. The difference between people who produce results & those who do not is not some sort of random roll of dice. There are consistent, logical patterns of action, specific pathways to excellence, that are within the reach of us." Brian Tracy

who we'll become today, is because what we had dream before.. and what we'll become later on, is because what we dream today and what kind of effort that we make to achieve all those things... 

What ever it is, now,  I've found something that I really like, I really love, and I really appreciate it..

I believe HERBALIFE can make my dreams and hopes come true.. amin... 

sekian, jazakumullah.. ^^

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