Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Shanghai and Bangkok.. I'm coming..!

Alhamdulillah... finally, all the projects, assignments, presentations, case study, etc. is finish..! Now, focusing in exams and HERBALIFE..! I really need to sacrifice, work smart and work hard for this month and also next month, before going to Shanghai, China for my internship.. then, after few days, I'm going to Bangkok, for HERBALIFE event..

Shanghai, wait for me.. 

Also, Bangkok, wait for me.. 

Everything was like a dream to me.. Am I day dreaming? Alhamdulillah, its not a dream, but, it's going to come true..! 

Actually, I'm not sure which one is exactly my feelings. Happy, worried, sad.. all come into one.. 

I am happy for having an internship in Shanghai. I really work hard to go there, and work hard to get all the sponsors. (Oh, by da way, this evening, I got phone call from Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan office, said that, I need to go there to take the money cheque.. Alhamdulillah.. Sayang Allah..)

Ok, sambung  balik, nak cakap ape.. happy, tapi, risau...    sebabnya, I cannot do HERBALIFE in Shanghai..  Although, we can do HERBALIFE  in 75 country, but not in China.. Sebab, walaupun negara China ada herbalife, tp, kt sana, foreigner cannot buy, do, talk about herbalife.. Diaorg tak demokratik.. Which means, I can't wear button HERBALIFE also.. oh, Allah.. How can I live without doing HERBALIFE.. 
sO, that's why, I really need to work smart and work hard within this period to built up my own team before go there.
Before knowing and joining HERBALIFE, I really work hard to make my dream happen, which are, going abroad, buying a car, give my own money to my mom. etc.. but, with HERBALIFE, it's miracle..!            everything become simple and possible..! 

I'm going to Bangkok in May, 
I'm going to buy a car, by end of this year.. (insyaAllah, doakan ya..!)
and I'll give my 1st income to my mom tomorrow, ( my parents will come tomorrow)

No words can describe my gratefulness.. Thank You Allah..


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