Friday, 25 November 2011

Man tears. It's ok to cry..


Tears of a man. For me is so powerful than women tears. maybe because I'm a woman. and also because I only have brothers as my siblings. 

In my family, its very rarely to see my brothers crying *except the little one*.  No matter how sad they are, or how hurt they are, they never show their tears to me, as a sister to them. 

I just remembered, my older brother cried when he was 12 years old, because he miss my father. That's the last time I saw his tears. 
My younger brother, now he's 18. 2 or 3 years ago, he cried when he had arguments with my older brother. He just went into his room and put the blanket all over his body. He didnt showed to me his tears. No sound at all. but, i can saw he was shivering. seems like he hold his tears. but then, I just put my hand at his back and said, "It's ok to cry.". Then, he cried. I also cried. Because, my weaknesses --- cannot see people cried especially people that I care and I love. -.-"

This morning, I saw one of my new leader crying in front of me. He reminds me, of my brothers. I hope all my teams, including me, be strong to continue this journey. 

Yes, success is about a journey. 
So, it's ok to cry, whether you're a woman or man! :)

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