Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hati ingin kembali ke Shanghai..


Story ttg Shanghai ni dah agak basi. Tp ku still nak cerita jugak. Hehe..

Hampir sebulan balik dari sana, boleh dikatakan setiap malam mata menatap semua gambar2 wkt di Shanghai..

Aku rindu..

Coming to Shanghai, is the best memory in my life..
i love Shanghai, not because Shanghai is beautiful. Not because of Shanghai hv lots of shopping place. But, it's because of the people that i've met here..

My colleagues.. Love them..

My housemates.. Miss them..

My Singaporean friends and also beloved housemate..

My Malaysians friends.. thanks a lot for everything!

I learned so many things here..

About life,
About how to be more independent,
About my future.. ( is it Herbalife or engineer? And right now, i've found my answer.)

*of course, Herbalife!* hehe, excited.

 I understand many things..

Understand why many muslim change after live so long at the oversea,
understand how it feel, when it's very hard to find place to pray.
About my faith in Islam ~ i know, what is the real person inside me.
*you would never know how strong your faith to Allah, until urself get tested*
And finally, understand how it feel when you love somebody for the first time.. (oh, this supposely, to be a secret. But, nevermind..)

I've promise them, that i'll come back.. Next year.. To visit them..

I'll work hard with Herbalife, and fulfill all my dreams and fulfill all the dreams' of the people who I care and I love..  

oke, done!   

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